Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Damsels in distress

Caution: Don’t eat while reading the post.

It has been raining all week and I want to lighten things up with some glaring mis-uses of the English language. They were contributed by two female former colleagues, whom I'll refer to as damsels in this post.

Damsel 1 - amazing

This exchange is a paraphrase of what actually transpired in a conversation between Damsel 1 and her colleague.

Colleague: You know? I’m amazing.
Damsel: (While fighting the gag reflex) What do you mean?
Colleague: I’ve been looking at this code for a long time and I can’t understand it. I’m amazing.

I am certain that the code they were looking into isn’t that great nor elegant but the poor fellow probably meant confused. I have a strong feeling that we’ll have more anecdotes of the same nature from this fellow who works with Damsel 2.

Damsel 2

This one is the first sentence of a user manual that Damsel 2 is beginning to study.

The authorizations process enables a series of special operations, following the identification of an authorizing user, who is registered as responsible for the operation.

I have no idea how much Damsel 2 has learned from this manual but my heart goes out to her.


Anonymous said...

I feel for Damsel 2.. good luck in studying that user manual.

jericho said...

maybe there is another manual that can tell damsel 2 what the user manual wants to say

Rory said...

I am not expert of the English language but I can tell you that I am "amazed" at the adjectives people (Damsel1) uses to describe things.